Small Projects

Ongoing maintenance, repairs and minor renovations are a big part of home ownership. Maestro is pleased to provide ongoing care for your home, with attention to these important small projects as they arise – from drywall and paint repairs to basement suites and new decks, hardwood or tile replacement to landscaping and fences.

Heritage houses in particular have needs that require a sensitive contractor with a preservation-centric mindset. Maestro’s extensive background in heritage restoration will ensure the unique needs of your character house are cared for. In addition to regular maintenance and renovations, some of the heritage-specific services Maestro can provide include:

  • historical research and restoration planning
  • façade reconstruction
  • wood window restoration and performance improvement
  • replication of period-appropriate mouldings
  • chimney and fireplace repair and refinishing
  • repair and refinishing of wood flooring
  • upgrade knob-and-tube wiring
  • insulation and air-tightening envelopes

Maestro’s dedicated and experienced team is always sensitive to the need for cleanliness and security when working in an occupied home. No matter the project, we will care for your home as though it were our own, keeping it safe and clean.

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