new construction

New Homes

We build beautiful, healthy and efficient new homes that maintain their value, provide lasting solutions to housing needs, and enrich our built environment. As dedicated craftspeople once poured their time and resources into adding adornments and flourishes to their homes, Maestro today brings the same passion and energy to modernizing our housing stock with durable new homes that will last for generations.

The style of new construction that Maestro treasures is architecturally progressive without artifice – manifesting principles of simplicity, natural light and flow. The lines are clean and clutter is minimized, accentuating build quality. Wherever possible, we emphasize distinctive natural building elements, and we are constantly innovating the most comfortable and efficient ways to power our homes.

Laneway Houses

A custom built laneway house is perhaps the most direct and cost-effective way to add density and equity to your home. Whether it is designed to complement an existing heritage house or stand alone as a modern gem, a laneway house can be an ideal small-scale new build to help yourealize your housing needs. Laneway homes are great solutions for families looking to add living space for in-laws or aging parents, growing children transitioning into life on their own, caregivers, or modern family units.