This 1911 heritage house in Kitsilano was built by the grandparents of its current owner. Over the years, regrettable interior updates were made that needed reversal to restore the house to its original splendour.

The front entry needed a lot of attention. Removing a framed closet and replacing it with a bright bench alcove revealed a classic diamond-leaded window that had been boarded over. Custom wainscoting, shaker drawer fronts, and door hardware were selected in keeping with the original style, while heritage paint colours accented the finer elements of the restored foyer -- now a bright and welcoming space.

Wood paneling around the living room fireplace had concealed another charming stained-glass window. With the window exposed and the fireplace updated with bright paint, repaired brickwork, and a reclaimed walnut mantle, the room embraced its history with a new modern edge.

The bathroom chevron wall tiling and carefully selected textured floor tiles updated that room and provided visual interest and feel. A new heritage-style wood window with classic hardware maintained a tie to the historic elements of the house while improving energy efficiency.  

On the exterior, Maestro repaired and restored the detailed shingle siding, trim work and wood windows, revitalizing these original elements for many more years of preservation.