Renovation & Heritage

Maestro Development has a wealth of experience dealing with the renovation, restoration and rejuvenation of Vancouver's heritage homes, and we feel fortunate to have touched so much of this region's history.

Character homes have wonderful old bones, as they say, and we are enriched when we work with and strengthen these skeletons. We work closely with concerned owners to restore and modernize older homes with sensitivity, in order to preserve and enhanceour wonderful built heritage.

Our heritage house restorations begin with a careful phase of deconstruction and repurposing of existing materials, and open up and modernize these homes to meet the needs of our clients. Whenever possible, we accentuate original and repurposed building materials such as reclaimed timber posts and beams, hardwood floors, exposed chimneys, and built-in benches, shelves and stair treads made of salvaged lumber. We then install finishings that will complement the home for generations to come.

Heritage can be found in many different eras, not just from the City’s origins over a century ago. There are quintessential examples of unique and evolving design styles throughout local history, from austere bungalows built between the wars, to mid-century West Coast Modernism, Vancouver Specials from the ’60s and ‘70s through to Modern Contemporary. Maestro has updated all of these styles, and we look forward to every opportunity to creatively contribute to the city’s architectural diversity.